How to use this website.

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How to use this website.

Before using for the first timePlease check your computer settings so that you can receive emails from. If domain designated reception is set, it is very sorry to trouble you, but please set so that you can receive @ or less.


  • About the display of currency

About 37☆instmarket Currency Display

In our shop, in addition to the Japanese yen, you can change to the currency display of USD and EUR. If you click on the flag of the flag to select it, it will switch to the respective currency display. ※ Japanese Yen is Japanese yen. ¥ XNUM X JPY will be X NUM X Yen in Japanese Yen.


  • Please select a product

XNUM X ☆ Ins Market use X NUM X

Choose "Add to cart", "Buy now", "Buy with PayPal" or "Different payment options"."Buy Now", "Pay with PayPal", "Different payment options" will be displayed differently depending on your browser environment, but you can use credit and PayPal payment with any browser.※ PayPal payment needs to be registered in PayPal account in advance. After registration, payment will be made between e-mail addresses, making it unnecessary to enter a credit card number when purchasing.


  • Please check the contents of the cart

How to use 37☆instmarket XNUM X


If you select "Add to cart", the product will be stored in the cart. It is possible to receive payment as it is or to purchase additional products.


  • Please enter contact information and billing address

How to use 37☆instmarket XNUM X


Please check if there is a mistake in the purchased product, and enter the required items. The conditions under which Google Pay and Apple Pay are displayed depend on the browser environment and your settings. ※ Because Google Chrome was used here, Google Pay is displayed. You can also purchase paid and free content, but in this case the only payment available is credit and PayPal.


  • Select a payment method and complete the payment

XNUM X ☆ Ins Market payment type

 How to use 37☆instmarket XNUM X


Credits (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX), PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay are available at 37☆instmarket. Please check again if there are any mistakes in the purchased product and input information, and let me complete the settlement. ※ Due to the nature of digital content, paymentWe can not accept refunds or cancellations after completion.


  • Preparation for product download begins

How to use 37☆instmarket XNUM X


Once payment is complete, preparation for download begins. It will take a while to load, but please wait without closing the browser. When you're ready, the Download Now button will appear, so click on it to begin downloading. ※ Depending on the status of the information processing terminal you use and the radio wave status, it may take time to download, but please wait for a while until the download is completed. Also, as payment is complete, the email containing the download URL is automatically delivered to the email address you entered in the contact information, so you can download from there as well. 


  • For free data

How to use 37☆instmarket XNUM X


For free data, there is no need for payment. Please enter your contact information and billing address and click "Order Completed" to begin preparing for the download.


  • About password product

About password products of 37☆instmarket


If you click on a product with a password, the above screen will be displayed. Enter your password and click Submit. You can access the product page by entering the correct password.


  • Before using

※ The copyright of all works belongs to 37☆instmarket. Therefore, it is prohibited for purchaser to duplicate digital data by paper media, electronic media, video media, etc. without permission of our shop, and divert, reprint or resell. If the password of the password product is leaked to a third party without permission, the product will be immediately deleted or the password changed to make it unviewable.
If a violation is found and judged to be malicious, a claim for damages will be made.
For downloaded products, only copying and printing for private use are permitted.
In addition, the operation format, planning, and production of the 37 Insmarket website are all registered as proof of the existence of works. In addition, please do not conduct plagiarism such as information and planning or act that infringes on the rights because we also update it as needed.