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Dr. Pei of XNUM X ☆ Inst Market Builder

Doctor Pei: Dr. Peisan

2014Year: 【Click brick Odaiba Venus Fort store】 Winter original model contest1Rank.

2015Year: 【Clickbrick Minatomirai Store】 Summer Original Model Contest1Rank.

Work on the block toy builder bible by LEGO Ambassador 2017 Seisei Yoshitoshi.

Started Lego from childhood, now Lego history20Young talented builders over the years.

We are active in various events such as Wonder Festival and Japan Brick Fest, which is the official event of Lego.

Its representative work, “Ro-Zushi” has been featured not only in Japan but also in foreign media.

[Mamagugu news! ]

【Gadget communication】

Japan LEGO User Group 【J-LUG】 member.

【Yahoo Blog】:Dr. Pei's Lego Study Notebook

twitter】:@ drpeisan


XNUM X ☆ Inst Market builder

Saeketsu: Sakuretsu

Japan's most famous minifig builder and teamBTTF (Back to the Future) members.

"LEGO CUUSOO" project in 2013 (currentlyLEGO IDEASCommercialization of "Back to the Future-DeLorean Time Machine" proposed in

XNUM X LEGO (LEGO) Cooseau De Lorient Time Machine 

Following the "Shinkai 6500" and "LEGO Hayabusa", it became an achievement of the 3 in Japanese.

【Delorean Time Machine】

Also, for the first time in Japan, Lego Brock will hold a solo exhibition as an original minifig builder.

2010 Bodaiju Airtist × Weekly Shonen Lego (Bodaiju Cafe 10 Anniversary)

2011 year MINIFIG FESTA 2011

2012 year BODAIJU EXPO

Year 2014 Exhibition in Bodaiju cafe



7 ☆ Inst Market Builder Ikukun

Ikukun: Ikkun

Since we started Lego from childhood, Lego history15Young skilled builders with expectations over the years.

That talent already10Flowering from age, personal presentation of high school exam has enough ability to pass in his Lego block work.

CurrentlyJapan LEGO User GroupJ-LUGBelongs to]. Off meetingWonder Festival (Wonder Festival)Participate in

The main work to make is robot type. Robots and mechanical enthusiasts are high, and there are many figures and plastic model owners. It helps to enable his own range of motion.



Mr. Homin of 37 ☆ Inst Market Builder

Fumin: Fuhmin

2006Year: 【Kiddy Land Harajuku store】 Winner of bio contest.

2007Year: 【Kiddy Land Harajuku store】 Winner of bio contest.

2014Year: 【Click brick Odaiba Venus Fort store】 Original model contest prize.

Starting Lego from childhood,10While in the early days he gained high acclaim as a bio-bicycle builder, while in the system he created character works with a focus on penguins as penguin lovers.

That ability is2014Shaun of the sheep at the original model contest of Click Brick Odaiba Venus Fort store of the year(NHKAnime)] Has enough build power to win a prize.

【blog】:Lego in a bucket

Twitter]:@ fuh_min


X NUM X ☆ Inst Market Builder TAN


Robo Builder being worshiped by young builders as [Bionicle Father].

The quality of the work is very high, and has been well-received at Wonder Festival and various events.

We participated in BRICK FAN TOWN held in Nasu Highland Park in 2008 year, and there was a close relationship with the late Lego model builder, Kazuyoshi Naoe. LEGO Ambassador 7 student Mr. Yoshitoshi Saito is also a close builder.