Specified Commercial Transaction Law

Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law

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Representative Director Kaoru Noma

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※ Please do not accept any contact for sales purpose.

Non-product charges

The cost for data communication will be borne by the customer.

※ There is no delivery for download sale.

Payment method Credit · Paypal · Google Pay ·Apple Pay
About refund and cancellation

Due to the nature of digital content, it is a product that can not be returned, so we can not accept refunds or cancellations after content payment is complete.

Mail-order sales are not covered by the cooling off system.

Selling Volume

As it is data sale, please be careful about duplicate order of the same product.

※ Please note that refunds and cancellations can not be accepted due to the nature of digital content, even if the order is duplicated.

There is no particular restriction on the number of downloads after payment is confirmed.

How to download After payment is complete, you can download it immediately. We will also send an e-mail with the download URL to the e-mail address you entered at the time of purchase, so you can download it from there.
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