How to make a LEGO mini movable robot

IMR_frame-Ver.01 impulse

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LEGO-MOC instruction a mini movable robot [IMR_frame-Ver.XNUMX impulse].

 Like an action figure!?

Total length about10The centimeter-sized palm-sized mini robot is a work that is easy to make, durable, has a wide range of motion, and looks good.

Because the exterior is attached to the frame, you can make your own Lego robot if you make the original exterior!

hereI also recommend you download it.

※ Parts are not included.

Creation builder: Ikkun

You can download the digital content "LEGO Mini Robot Mech".

 Beginners are welcome!

Anyone can build the cool robot simply.

It just like a action figures.

I would recommend you it.

※ This does not come with any parts.

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