The XNUM X-mat half room of LEGO (LEGO) Japanese-style work that XNUM X

Japanese-style room

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LEGO-MOC instruction Japanese-style room.

Good old Japan4Tatami half tatami room18×18I reproduced in Lego faithfully based on the podch.

Including tatami, kitchen, refrigerator, toilet, bath, closet, heavenly bag, kotatsu, futon, chab table, clothes rack and so on.

The closet, refrigerator, and windows can be opened and closed. The closet can also be equipped with a table and seat.

The clothesline can also dry the laundry, and it is a work that has been faithfully made to the smallest part.

※ Parts are not included.

Creation builder: Doctor Pei

You can download the digital content "LEGO Japanese-style room".

Discover the good old Japan!

A lot of Japan's furniture is in the room.

For example, kotatsu, chabudai, futon, oshiire, washing pole, etc.

※ This does not come with any parts.



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